Vario Medcare

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The VARIO MEDCARE, the mobile Healthguardian is an emergency calling system developed for elderly or patients, with which they can ask for help by pressing a button in case of emergency.
Further functions of the device: traditional mobile phone, GPS tracking feature, health state monitoring.
Nowadays the doctors do not need to stay next to the patients in order to see their health values.
The VARIO HEALTHCARE is a mobile Healthobservant system suitable for health risk evaluation, of which assistance you can measure your health values (ECG, blood-sugar, blood-pressure, blood-oxygen, etc.) and register them on the related internet health social portal (Telemedbook). The data registered and protected by password can be available for the specialists.

3 keys for the healthy, long life tailored for individuals:

  • HealthCare

    You do not have to stand in the queue for hours any more to make the regular health checkups. With the assistance of VARIO HEALTHCARE unit package, you can even measure your health state from the comfort of your favorite sofa. You find such medical instruments, with which you can be sure of your actual health state anytime, irrespectively of place and time.

  • MedCare

    VARIO MEDCARE is an indispensable device of the responsible elderly care. This is an emergency signaling device developed for elder and ill persons, with which help can be asked in case of sudden sickness by pressing a single button. Further functions of the device: traditional mobile phone, GPS tracker, health state monitoring.

  • Telemedbook

    If you wish to avoid the labyrinth of Hungarian healthcare, then we can offer here an excellent possibility to take the lead into your hands. Learn the advantages of our web health diary called Telemedbook, where due to the communications and the data recorded, the doctors, the patients and the family members see and understand the same.

Advantages of our solutions in your business area


  • For pharmacies

    If you run a pharmacy, you surely puzzled about a lot, that how you could get the people to take care of their health more. You are probably interested in, that how you could get your clients to go regularly to your pharmacy- even they do not need the products or devices sold by you. By clicking on this link, we share this information with you.

  • For private clinics

    With the assistance of our services you can increase the number of your clients returning regularly. The measurements made in few minutes can be accessed by your patients as well, so they will get useful information, which they can interpret for their families having the doctor’s report in their hands. Due to our devices, the measurements on the spot can be executed faster and you can hand over validated data to your patients or even the employers, who ordered this service.

  • For health service providers

    We have 2 excellent Hungarian developed products for the health service providers, with which you can easily reinforce the trust placed into the services you offered. By doing this, due to services of the products introduced, you can even increase the number of regular visits and meetings. In case you are interested in this possibility, we ask you to read the information relevant for your business area.

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