Internet for serving seniors

Grandis on the InternetInternet use is increasing among older adults as they discover its power to communicate with family and friends and to access online services.

Grandis is an EU funded project for exploring other benefits of the Internet for older adults, especially how it can support health and care (please see the Project link above for more information).

We would like to ask you some questions that will help us understand your experiences with using the Internet and how it could be used more effectively. The survey is completely anonymous because we are not asking any questions that can personally identify you in any way. Your participation is, of course, entirely voluntary.

When you have answered all the questions, please, click the Submit button.

Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to answer our questionnaire.

Medical consultation and help in case of an emergency at any time *
Talking to a doctor or a nurse online at an appointed time *
Ordering prescribed medicines that are then sent to your home *
Accessing test results online or, getting them by email *
Automatically alerting clinical services through a personal emergency alarm or some other technology in your home (e.g. when you press an emergency button or if sensors detect you have had a fall) *
Have health and fitness data measured and sent to your doctor or clinic *
Participating in an online forum where you could discuss health matters with others. *