O4 - Online platform and pilots

In the 4th phase of the project, the online platform has been designed and set up in a Moodle environment.

Course components have been finalized and implemented in the English version. Hungarian, French and Spanish content will be uploaded as long as the English course is finalized, reviewed and approved. The course content is motivating, encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, online communication and facilitates the activities of the participants by all means of the e-learning environment. These technological components are: learning outcomes, self-assessment tools, blogs, forums, glossary, games, e-portfolios, video tutorials.

We use a topic-oriented course structure based on a well-planned timeline. It will not be a store of online learning contents where the participants are left alone (to learn in their own pace). Instead it will be a guided learning with the presence of the tutor, who facilitates the learning process, and pays attention to each and every participant.




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