Module 1 - Digital skills for caregivers

The aim of the first module is to improve the basic ICT skills of the participants, according to their individual needs.

The module contains 4 topics, built on the major digital competencies:

  • Information,
  • Communication,
  • Content creation and
  • Security.

Participants will start with a self-assessment in each topic, and according to the result of it, they will be directed to specific parts of the learning content for further studying.

Optional practice exercises are available, but there also are mandatory complex exercises at the end of each topic, which should be successfully completed before proceeding to Module 2.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module participants will be able to search for information on internet, save and classify information, being aware of security aspects.

They will be able to use e-mail services, Skype and additional Google applications confidently and will master ways of creating motivating digital learning material with selected web 2.0 applications.