Digital tools - Memory Box, Elderly Care and Dementia Support

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Dementia Forum
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Dementia Forum strives to facilitate learning about elderly care and dementia. One step in that process was the development of our three mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. The three applications, Memory Box, Elderly Care and Dementia Support, contain information on how to relate to your elderly loved ones and/or someone suffering from dementia, as well as inspiration on how you and your relative can make life a little easier, enjoyable and tips for your daily life together. The applications are free of charge, available in many languages and for both iOS and Android.

The purpose of downloading the apps is for the user to have easy access to information and inspiration for an improved quality of life, both for the caregiver and the elderly persons themselves. The biggest benefits is the possibility to offer caregivers globally an opportunity to access information, regardless of where in the world they are.

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